Friday, March 29, 2013

Your Engagement Pictures and Why Have Them Taken

Engagement is your promise to each that you will marry.  Having your Engagement pictures taken is an important part of that engagement.  Some couples ask, "Why bother?".  There are several reasons why you should definitely have these taken before your wedding day.

Having your Engagement picture photo shoot is indispensable because this is a "once in a lifetime" part of your journey together towards the wedding.  They are part of the emotional aspect of getting engaged and planning your wedding.  In the years to come, you will reminisce about this special moment in time.

Photo Courtesy of Blaine Siesser Photography
They can be used as your Save-The-Dates to send out about eight months before the wedding day.  It will give your guests a more personal feeling about you as a couple and will look forward to the wedding.
It will get you both comfortable with your wedding photographer.  It is critical that you like your photographer (determine this when you initially meet with him/her before hiring) because it will definitely show on your wedding day that you are not yourselves.  This is not a time to be unfamiliar with your photographer who will be spending the entire day and evening with you.
Photo courtesy of Adam Czap Photography
You can use one of your favorites pictures to frame and display on an easel at your Reception.  Some couples display it with the glass on the picture.  Others like to leave the glass off and have a wide border with pens available for their guests to write well wishes to them right on it.


Typically your photographer will include the Engagement Session as part of his/her photography package.  Don't miss out on such an important event in your lives.  You will regret not doing so down the road. So, schedule your pictures well before the wedding day.  But most importantly:  Have fun!


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