Friday, March 1, 2013

Specialty Lighting Adds that "Final Touch" to your Reception

Set aside some extra funds from your wedding budget so you can incorporate specialty lighting into your decor for your Reception Ballroom.  Yes, your Reception can be beautiful without it, but that extra touch of lighting adds the "Wow Factor". 

Look at this Before and After picture so you can get the idea:


Dream Wedding and Event Planners recently planned and coordinated weddings that incorporated specialty lighting both inside and outside for a tented garden wedding.  The rooms and effects were spectacular.  Here are a few highlights:

Above Photos Courtesy of Blaine Siesser

Above Photos Courtesy of Adam Czap

Above photos courtesy of Arising Images

You can make your dance floor look very cool with specialty lighting like one of our recent weddings:

Photo Courtesy of Adam Czap

Even your Wedding Cake can be transformed:

Photo Courtesy of Adam Czap

Whether you choose up-lighting, a wall wash that completely changes the color of one or more walls, pin-spotting (or highlighting) your guest tables, or to change the color of the crystal chandeliers throughout the evening, your guests will be "wowed" when they see your Ballroom.  We work with extremely talented lighting professionals that can accomplish anything you want.  So, the sky is the limit while lighting your Ballroom!

If you want to "put the icing on the cake" at your wedding reception, have a lighting specialist make your room spectacular.  This room even has a moon in it!

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