Friday, March 29, 2013

Your Engagement Pictures and Why Have Them Taken

Engagement is your promise to each that you will marry.  Having your Engagement pictures taken is an important part of that engagement.  Some couples ask, "Why bother?".  There are several reasons why you should definitely have these taken before your wedding day.

Having your Engagement picture photo shoot is indispensable because this is a "once in a lifetime" part of your journey together towards the wedding.  They are part of the emotional aspect of getting engaged and planning your wedding.  In the years to come, you will reminisce about this special moment in time.

Photo Courtesy of Blaine Siesser Photography
They can be used as your Save-The-Dates to send out about eight months before the wedding day.  It will give your guests a more personal feeling about you as a couple and will look forward to the wedding.
It will get you both comfortable with your wedding photographer.  It is critical that you like your photographer (determine this when you initially meet with him/her before hiring) because it will definitely show on your wedding day that you are not yourselves.  This is not a time to be unfamiliar with your photographer who will be spending the entire day and evening with you.
Photo courtesy of Adam Czap Photography
You can use one of your favorites pictures to frame and display on an easel at your Reception.  Some couples display it with the glass on the picture.  Others like to leave the glass off and have a wide border with pens available for their guests to write well wishes to them right on it.


Typically your photographer will include the Engagement Session as part of his/her photography package.  Don't miss out on such an important event in your lives.  You will regret not doing so down the road. So, schedule your pictures well before the wedding day.  But most importantly:  Have fun!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Transportation Tips for your Wedding Day

Photo Courtesy of Jess and Nate 

Selecting your Limo, Party Bus or a Rolls Royce for Transportation on your wedding day is more important than you might think.  You need to make sure the company you select is dependable with great drivers and a well-maintained vehicle.  Here are a few tips for picking the right company and vehicle:

Book your car company at least six months out, sooner if you can.

You should hire your car company sooner than later so you can get the vehicle of your choice with the right company.  After you have your wedding date, ceremony and reception locations and your timeline determined, start researching.  Dream Wedding and Event Planners can save you time and money by helping you research our preferred limo companies that have proven track records with our past couples.  They can also pass on a discount to you simply because we are handling the details for you.

Photo Courtesy of Jess and Nate

The Style of your Vehicle

A classic white limo is perfect for a traditional wedding.  If this is not your style, you can match your ride to your taste.  You can have a classic car take the Bride to the Church then around town with the the new Mr. and Mrs. for pictures between the Ceremony and Reception.  But what about your Wedding Party?  You can hire a fun party bus or limo so they can celebrate going around town with you.  You can ditch the classic car at a certain point and hop into the limo or party bus with your wedding party for the final pictures.  Then everyone can head back to the Reception together having the time of your lives.

Photo Courtesy of Blaine Siesser

Be sure to visit the car rental company to see the vehicle of your choice.

We don't want any surprises on your wedding day, especially with your limo, party bus or specialty car.  You can most certainly view the fleet of vehicles they offer on their website, but seeing it in person will give you the reassurance that you have selected the car that is right for you and your wedding party.

When choosing the rental time, plan for lateness or delays.

Dream Wedding and Event Planners will help you put together a very detailed, comprehensive Timeline from the beginning of your day until the very end.  It is critical to allow for the Ladies or the Men starting a little late on their way to the Ceremony or taking a bit longer than you plan for after-Ceremony pictures around town.  Kathy Byrum, your Lead Planner will make sure everything stays on schedule so you don't keep your Guests waiting.  However, it is always wise to set aside a certain portion of time in the schedule for traffic issues or other tie-ups.  Again, the last thing we want is for anyone to feel late or rushed at any time.  This is your wedding day...  Your only focus should be getting dressed, arriving and having a wonderful time.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Specialty Lighting Adds that "Final Touch" to your Reception

Set aside some extra funds from your wedding budget so you can incorporate specialty lighting into your decor for your Reception Ballroom.  Yes, your Reception can be beautiful without it, but that extra touch of lighting adds the "Wow Factor". 

Look at this Before and After picture so you can get the idea:


Dream Wedding and Event Planners recently planned and coordinated weddings that incorporated specialty lighting both inside and outside for a tented garden wedding.  The rooms and effects were spectacular.  Here are a few highlights:

Above Photos Courtesy of Blaine Siesser

Above Photos Courtesy of Adam Czap

Above photos courtesy of Arising Images

You can make your dance floor look very cool with specialty lighting like one of our recent weddings:

Photo Courtesy of Adam Czap

Even your Wedding Cake can be transformed:

Photo Courtesy of Adam Czap

Whether you choose up-lighting, a wall wash that completely changes the color of one or more walls, pin-spotting (or highlighting) your guest tables, or to change the color of the crystal chandeliers throughout the evening, your guests will be "wowed" when they see your Ballroom.  We work with extremely talented lighting professionals that can accomplish anything you want.  So, the sky is the limit while lighting your Ballroom!

If you want to "put the icing on the cake" at your wedding reception, have a lighting specialist make your room spectacular.  This room even has a moon in it!