Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Everyone Loves Launching a Sky Lantern

Sky Lanterns are a breath-taking display for your Wedding Celebration, Family Reunion, Birthday, Memorial or Event.

Sky lanterns have been a popular in various Asian ceremonies for thousands of years. Recently they have become very popular in the west due to their depictions in movies such as Tangled and Hangover 2. 

Sky Lanterns are the next big thing for night wedding celebrations, birthday parties and luminosity remembrance events. These lanterns are sure to be a huge hit and will have guests talking about them for years to come.  They will lift away and be visible for quite a while. They are basically miniature hot air balloons! 

Instructions for sending Sky Lanterns into the night sky:

1) Check the direction of the wind before lighting to ensure there are no obstacles.

2) Ensure the lantern is fully extended and not creased or hanging
 sideways. (This is best done by holding the top of the lantern, gently 
 lifting it a couple of feet, then dropping it sharply.)

3) Air pressure will inflate the lantern.

4) Hold the lantern upright, and have an assistant light the wick. After a 
few seconds the lantern will feel lighter, and then gradually rise.

5) Do not attempt to throw it up into the air - just guide it and let it go 
by itself. Then stand back and enjoy!

Instructions for Use:

Please read the 10 point check and these safety instructions below thoroughly before you begin using your Sky Lanterns.

When taking into consideration these stated guidelines and following these safety instructions, Sky Lanterns are perfectly safe and a truly beautiful sight when released.

10 point Safety Check before Launching Sky Lanterns:

1. Ensure that the wind is very light - 7 miles per hour or below is
 suitable for launching Sky Lanterns of all sizes.

2. Only launch Sky Lanterns in a large clear space away from trees, power lines and buildings. Do not use Sky Lanterns within 5 miles of an airport.

3.  If there is a slight breeze, ensure that when launched that your sky
lanterns do not fly towards buildings, trees, airport, roads or any area
they may pose a danger.

4. Ensure that all spectators stand upwind of the people launching the Sky Lanterns.

5. It is advisable to have a bucket of water or some sand close by in case of emergency.

6. Sky Lanterns are not a toy. Sky Lanterns should only be launched by a responsible Adult.

7. Do not use during prolonged periods of dry weather.

8. Do not launch torn or damaged Sky Lanterns.

9. Do not Launch Sky Lanterns if the glow could be misinterpreted as a distress signal.

10. Read all safety instructions carefully before launching Sky Lanterns.

Sky lanterns, once self-extinguished, float gently to the ground and are 100% biodegradable and flame retardant.  This is truly a visual treat. If you have a DJ present, ask him/her to play some magical music during this amazing event. 

 You can purchase Sky Lanterns at www.Lumabase.com.  This above information provided by Lumabase.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You can Transform your Wedding Space

 Have you ever looked at a space or venue for your Ceremony and Reception and just could not visualize it any other way?  It can be a challenge to your creativity if you need to give a potential room a complete face-lift, but it can be revamped to make it completely you!  If you lack the ability to accomplish something like this, Dream Wedding and Event Planners will work with you to make a space distinctively yours!

One of the best ways to make over a room is with beautiful specialty lighting.  Amber and pink lighting will give the room a warm glow that will make even a warehouse room stylish and chic.

We planned and coordinated a wedding for Jayne and John at MOCAD, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, Michigan.  They came to us wanting to do a warehouse wedding.  As you can see from these engagement pictures taken by Suman, they loved the downtown inner city graffiti, art and culture.

All photos courtesy of Photography by Suman

There were such a fun couple.  After working with them for about one year with the planning aspect, I grew very fond of them and their family.  As you can see from the pictures below, they have TONS of personality and were not at all shy with the camera......

Now for the venue:  MOCAD.  Below are pictures of how we transformed a barren warehouse into the wedding they envisioned.  The first two pictures were taken before the lighting and decor was added.

From Boring to Beautiful:


Some of the essentials for making a barren room or a venue that needs a little help into something that reflects you as a couple are listed below: 
  1. Pin Spotting your Tables
  2. Wash the wall with color
  3. Up lighting
  4. Pipe and Drape
  5. Bringing in custom furniture and accents like Crystal Chandeliers
  6. The right wedding planning company!
Dream Wedding and Event Planners will help you create a wedding that is unique to you as a couple.  Wedding venues can be redone with some relatively minor changes or additions as well.

Contact us at 734.582.0200 for a complimentary consultation about your special day!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Why Wedding Films are Valuable

Quite often, couples wait until they have planned the majority of their wedding before deciding to hire a cinematographer to film their wedding day.  Usually this is because they are keeping a close eye on their overall budget and believe a "video" is something they could possibly do without.

After the party is over, memories fade over time.  There are so many things you will miss (or forget) throughout your wedding day and evening that your cinematographer will capture for you to enjoy afterward.  With a professional wedding film, you will see the special people in your lives laughing, getting ready and enjoying your big day.  You will be able to see what your fiance was thinking and doing before the ceremony, listen again to the special toasts given before dinner, and look back at the people you love that are no longer with you.  Hearing their voices and seeing them enjoy your wedding day is priceless....

I think the best way to understand the value is to see for yourself what a quality film looks like.  This is Valerie and Brian's wedding ceremony and reception that took place at the Colony Club in Detroit, Michigan.  It was produced and edited by Jamie Honce of 3rd Street Films.


If at all possible, choose a professional cinematographer that will provide you with a breathtaking film that just cannot be produced like this by a well-intentioned friend or family member.  You have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars planning for this special day, so leave it to the experienced, talented professionals with multiple cameras to provide you with an heirloom that you can share with your children and grandchildren.

We can provide you with the most talented filmmakers in the industry right here in the Metro Detroit area and will help you adjust your budget so you can accommodate one of the most important aspects of your wedding.  Your film will be a living memory of you and your families/friends in a very special "moment in time."  Believe me, you won't regret it.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wedding Planner vs. Venue Coordinator

 Kathy Byrum Assisting the Bride and her Mother

I would like to clear up a common misconception about your Wedding Planner versus the Venue wedding coordinator that books your event, helps you plan your food and floor plan and works on your wedding day to coordinate everything for you.  Quite often, they will inform Brides and Grooms that book with them they don't need to hire a Day Of Coordinator or have your Wedding Planner there because they take care of "everything".

Here are the facts surrounding this confusion:
On-site venue ‘wedding coordinators’ do not actually assist you in the planning of your wedding, outside of making sure the reception site is staffed, food and beverage is provided and the décor you provide is set up. And even then, depending on the scope of your décor, you may have to provide the venue with assistance in helping them set it up. Taking the reins comes easy to a professional planner. 

They have a list of “vendors” they can recommend to you so you don’t have to shop around. The truth is many of these vendors pay to be placed on their list, may not be the caliber of vendors you need on your special day, or are not the perfect vendor for you and your style. Brides and grooms are often misled by the terminology the venues use. The reality is, the on-site “event/wedding coordinator” should be called the “venue event manager,” as that is their true role. 

On your wedding day, their focus is going to be on their staff, the kitchen, the food presentation, the stock, the set-up, the break down and those types of details. They are not going to meet with your vendors with you to ensure you ask all the right questions before your wedding day; they will not be calling your vendors to make sure they are paid and confirmed; they will not be doing your running for you; they will not be at your home or Bridal Suite making sure you have plenty to eat and drink, distributing flowers, sewing something that has gone wrong with the dresses, etc. They will not be at your Rehearsal to ensure the ceremony runs smoothly.  

Your personal wedding planner will answer all of your questions from the very beginning of the planning, assist with contracts and vendor negotiations, help with event design, create a detailed timeline of the wedding day events and make sure all of your vendors and the venue are on the same page prior to your big day.   We will guide you through the planning process from setting and maintaining your budget to keeping Aunt Mary away from crazy Uncle Joe.

I could go on and on, but most importantly, they will not have developed a personal relationship with you like we will. The trust that is built during the planning process with us carries over into a relaxed, enjoyable wedding day. 

Over the years, we have developed many excellent working relationships with Venue coordinators by communicating and working together to ensure your wedding day is perfect.  Actually, we take on a some of the work the Venue coordinators would have to do so their time can be freed up to ensure the staff is working efficiently and the kitchen gets the food to your guests on time.  Sometimes your venue coordinator has been engaged in a tug of war with inexperienced planners that will not or do not know how to work as a team for your benefit.

It is our goal to assist your Venue coordinators along with all of your Vendors in any way we can.  We want to make sure that after everything is over, you will be so glad you hired the experienced professionals at Dream Wedding and Event Planners to help you every step of the way.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Advantages of Having a Winter Wedding

 Photo Courtesy of Arising Images

Have you considered having a wedding in the winter months?  My guess is most of you have not thought about this option.  Having been involved in planning weddings for over 13 years, I think this is a wonderful time of year for a wedding.  Here's why:

1.   You have a wider selection of Wedding Venues and Vendors

If you don't start planning soon enough for a spring, summer or fall wedding, you can miss out on securing the venues and vendors you prefer.  You may need to plan as far as 18 months to two years in advance for the most popular venues and vendors in your area.  Holding your wedding in the months of January through March gives you a much better chance of booking where you want your wedding to take place and the vendors at the top of your list.

2.   Discounts for Off-Season Weddings

Sometimes you can get off-season discounts from your venue and vendors.  Not all them will offer this, but some do in an effort to book during the slow wedding season.

3.   Combine two events into one

Dream Wedding and Event Planners just planned and coordinated a spectacular New Year's Eve wedding.  Everyone had a wonderful time at the Reception, but adding New Year's Eve into the mix ramped up the party even more.  You could combine your wedding day with Valentine's Day if it falls on a weekend.  We always plan and coordinate weddings around the three major summertime weekend holidays:  Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.  The advantage for your guests is they have an extra day off work to relax, especially if they are from out of town.

Photo Courtesy of Blaine Siesser

4.   Romance, romance, romance....

Weddings are all about romance, but there's something special about winter weddings.  When you think of snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa in front of a fireplace while there is snowstorm outside, especially with the one you love, it's almost like "comfort food".  Is there anything more romantic than the picture below inside a comfy limo with the snow swirling around outside?

 Photo courtesy of Jess and Nate Studios

5.   Higher attendance 

The typical percentage of regrets for summer weddings is 20%.  This is because people have personal and family vacations planned and can't do it all.  In the winter months, however, people have settled in to the work and school routines after the Holidays and are happy to receive an invitation to a special event like your wedding day!

6.   The weather is more "predictable"

In the summer months, everyone hopes and prays the weather is sunny and warm with no rain predicted.  Even if it is planned to be held indoors, couples hope for the best so they can grab a few outdoor pictures in between.  In the winter, everyone knows it will be cold and can dress accordingly.

7.   Photos in the winter are gorgeous

Let's face it.  None of us enjoys shivering in the cold, but a fresh snowfall is beautiful.  Photos taken in the snow are romantic and fun.  You can still step outside for a few minutes to get some amazing wedding photos taken in the winter. 

Photo courtesy of Arising Images

Photo Courtesy of Blaine Siesser

So, you might be thinking, "Maybe...".  I say, "Why not?"  If you love the idea of a winter wedding with all of the beautiful decor that comes with it, your reception can be one that is talked about and remembered fondly for years to come.  There are so many advantages to consider holding your wedding event during the winter months.  Contact us for more information at 734.582.0200. 

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Monday, January 20, 2014

It's all about your Wedding Cake!!


Whether you choose a traditional white tiered cake with handmade sugar flowers, natural flowers or a more contemporary design in a bright color, what is certain is that after the Bride, your cake will be the focus of attention at your Wedding Reception.  

Choosing your wedding cake can seem like a daunting task.  I hope you find these words of wisdom helpful in finding your perfect wedding cake.


When choosing a cake designer, ask to see examples of their cakes.  Not only will this inspire you, but it will showcase their skill and expertise.  A talented cake designer can replicate any picture you bring them.  Have a tasting before ordering your cake.  Many cake designers will have a range of exquisite flavors, different fillings, and are often able to design a cake that incorporates more than one flavor.


When you meet with your cake designer, take along any pictures, inspiration or swatches of material you have for your dress, color schemes, flowers, venue, etc.  This will inspire them and make sure they make your cake so it matches the design and feel of your Reception.


The best cake designers can get booked up to one year in advance of your wedding date.  If you have your heart set on a particular designer, make sure you contact them in plenty of time.  For most cake designers, though, order you cake around 6 to 7 months in advance.  Once you have booked your baker, you will be asked to confirm the date of delivery and pay a deposit.  You will need to have secured your venue, have a idea of the budget for your wedding cake, and discuss the delivery time of your cake with your Wedding Planner at Dream Wedding and Event Planners.

When thinking about the size of cake you need, consider the number of guests who will be attending and whether you will be serving the cake as dessert or part of a dessert table.  This will affect the number of slices you will be serving.

Confirm with your baker whether you will be providing any flowers for decoration or if you would prefer edible sugar flowers.  Also, make sure you advise your designer if they need to make allowances for guests with nut or other allergies.

Of course, don't forget the cake stand.  Some bakers will have stands for you to rent, or your Planner at Dream Wedding and Event Planners can locate a rental for you.


Believe it or not, wedding cakes are a long and ancient tradition dating back to the Roman Empire.  In those days, the Groom would break a loaf of bread over the head of his new Bride as a symbol of dominance.  Thankfully, times have changed and the meaning behind the cutting of the cake has evolved in a joyful celebration representing the start of the couple's life together.

You cake can be cut after your Grand Announcement into the Ballroom and served as dessert, or after dinner, at which time the cake slices can be served later in the evening with coffee, summer fruits or ice cream.

The bottom line is this:  Select the designer of your cake that reflects you as a couple, the formality of your wedding reception, and taste.  If a wedding cake does not taste as good as it looks, it is a waste of money.  I'm sure you want your Guests to enjoy every aspect of your Wedding Dinner and Reception, and everyone looks forward to a delicious slice of the Wedding Cake!

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Selecting the Right Wedding Venue

  Photo Courtesy of Jess & Nate Studios

Now that you're engaged, you are embarking on the search for the perfect ceremony and reception sites.  Before you get started, here is a list of what you need to know:

1.    Talk with your fiance and families about how many guests you plan to invite.

2.   Determine your budget - the most amount of money you want to spend on absolutely everything.

3.   Hire Dream Wedding and Event Planners for their expertise and advice. It can be overwhelming.

4.   How do you want your ceremony and reception to feel to you and your guests? 

5.   Make sure your reception venue is "roomy" enough to comfortably fit all of your guests.

6.   When you are standing the room, try to visualize where everything will happen.   
7.   Look for columns or any obstructions that might block your guests' view.

8.   How private is your reception space for your party?

9.   Lighting is key.  Try to visit you space at the exact time of day you are planning the event.

10. Determine if the curtains/carpet will blend with your color selection.

11.  Does the room have good acoustics so your music sounds good?

12.  Make sure there is plenty of parking.

These are just the "tip of the iceberg", but important elements to keep in mind during your search.  Dream Wedding and Event Planners will assist you in every aspect of your planning journey.  They will help you with every detail, often addressing pros and cons that you would not be aware of.