Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Destination Weddings in Michigan

When couples throughout the Country think about destination weddings in Michigan, it is common for them to consider a Beach wedding on one of the Great Lakes or at the Grand Hotel on the fabulous Mackinac Island. Michiganders, however, know all too well that some of the most spectacular venues and cathedral churches are located right in the Detroit Metro area.


In the downtown Detroit area, there are magnificent cathedral churches with a rich historical background like the ceremony above planned by Dream Wedding and Event Planners. (Photo courtesy of Blaine Siesser Photography).  The First Congregational Church of Detroit is another Ceremony favorite that offers tours of The Underground Railroad with a rich history as one of the national forerunners in the Anti-slavery movement. There are numerous churches in the Detroit Metro area with over 150 years of history and unique architectural design. 

Dream Wedding and Event Planners participated in the design of the forest-like ceremony pictured below for their Clients in an indoor venue in the Detroit Metro area while it was still snowing outside. (Photo courtesy of Jess and Nate Photography)

If you are searching for unique, impressive Wedding Reception venues, consider one of the elegant venues in Detroit, Michigan.  They have grown in popularity due to their ambiance and spectacular cuisine (picture courtesy of Inspired Art Photography).  

Michigan's mansions have a storybook beauty with vibrant, manicured gardens and historical ambience. These are just the "tip of the iceberg" among the diverse, breathtaking locations from which to choose.

Regardless of your style, budget or guest list, be certain the venue of your choice fits your personality and style.  

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