Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's All About the Cake!


Whether you choose a traditional white tiered cake decorated with handmade sugar flowers, natural flowers  or a more comtemporary design in a bright color made from your favorite cake flavor, what is certain is that after the bride, your cake will be the focus of attention at your wedding reception.

Choosing your wedding cake can seem like a daunting task.  I hope you find these words of wisdom helpful in finding your perfect wedding cake.

Wedding Cake with beautiful summer florals, peonies
When choosing a cake designer, ask to see examples of their cakes.  Not only will this inspire you, but it will showcase their skill and expertise.  A gifted cake designer can replicate any picture you bring them.
Have a tasting before ordering your cake.  Many cake designers will have a range of exquisite flavors, different fillings, and are often able to design a cake that incorporates more than one flavor.

Bird Cage cake
When you meet wth your cake designer, take along any pictures, inspiration, or swatches of material you have for your dress, color schemes, flowers, venue, etc.  This will inspire them and make sure they make your cake so it matches the design and feel of your reception.
The best cake designers can get booked  up to a year in advance.  If you have your heart set on  particular designer, make sure you contact them in plenty of time.  For most cake designers, though, order your cake around 6 to 7 months in advanc.e  Once you have booked your cake designer, you will be asked to confirm the date of delivery and pay a deposit so you will need to have secured your venue and get an idea of your budget before you book.
When thinking about the size of cake you need, consider the number of guests who will be attending and whether you will be serving the cake as dessert or as part of a dessert table.  This will affect the number of slices you will be serving. 
Confirm with your cake designer whether you will be providing any flowers for decoration or if you would prefer edible sugar flowers - and of course, don't forget the cake stand.  Some reception venues will have cake stands for you to rent.  Ask to see pictures and check the sizing.  You may want to rent your cake stand from the cake designer if they offer them.
Make sure you advise the designer if they need to make allowances for guests with nut or other allegies.
Your cake designer will offer a delivery and setup service.  These details will be worked out with your event planner, Dream Wedding and Event  Planners.
Sea Horses in love.....
Believe it or not, wedding cakes are a long and ancient tradition dating back to the Roman Empire.  In those days, the Groom would break a loaf of bread over the head of his new bride as a symbol of dominance.  Thankfully, times have changed, and the meaning behind the cutting of the cake has evolved into a joyful celebration representing the start of the couple's life together.
The cake can be cut after your Grand Announcement or after dinner, and can be served later in the evening with coffee, summer fruits or ice cream.
Individual square wedding cakes from Maki's cakes

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