Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pinterest is the new Online Idea Board

Have you heard of Pinterest yet?  I am sure many of you have, but there are still people out there that have not.  It is the latest online personalized idea board for everyone, whether you are planning a wedding or just want to post and keep track of your dreams, ideas and favorite things.  You just set it up and peruse the web for ideas.  Then you simply "Pin" pictures that you like onto your boards.  See Dream Wedding and Event Planners' boards at http://pinterest.com/weddingdesigner/wedding-and-event-designs/.  It is so much fun you could spend hours "Pinning" and following other "Pinners".  You will probably have to set a timer so the time doesn't get away from you!  Below are some of our "Pins".  You can ask to be invited at www.Pinterest.com.

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